Make: List of things at the supermarket

There are different types of things in a supermarket. There are things that is similar but different in prices. 


Let's look at the price comparison! 

Look at these two supermarket catalog

Make a price comparison for the two given item.

How about the price for eggs and fruits?

Click on the orange button "Supermarket Item" below to get a file for your own groceries!

1) When the orange button is pressed, a new page will open.


2) Click on "Make a Copy" to get a copy of Google Slides to start filling in the price of goods.


3) Use the supermarket catalog provided to make a comparison between the items you want to buy.


4) Complete the price of each item in the space provided under each category of supermarket

Do you like to shop at Hilo Supermarket or Bingo Supermarket? Answer down below!

Do you make this choice according to the price of the goods given?
Price comparisons are among the best ways to make wise financial decisions!