Belajar: 4 Tips Kewangan Mudah

"Hmm.. How to avoid extra spending?

Use these 4 financial tips down below to help you manage your spending!

1st Tip:
Set your financial goals

Whether you want to have enough money to buy an ice-cream or a bicycle, you need to start with setting your goal.

2nd Tip:
Note your expenditure!

Start the habit of noting down your in and out money from now as this is an important habit for both kids and adults.

3rd Tip: 
Set up a savings fund!

Find a transparent container to use as a tube. It will be a lot of fun and encouraging to save if we can see the contents of the tube that is getting full day by day!

4th Tip:
Always prioritize the needs!

Differentiate needs and wants. We need to always put the needs as our priority. have extra once all needs are set? now you can get your wants.

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