Make: Online Banking

Once upon a time, any purchase such as household necessities, clothes, food and so on required you to go out. Now, not anymore!


Nowadays, everything is at the tip of your fingers. Yes, All. What about payments? Money no longer needs to be in the wallet!

Online Banking

Almost every adults know how to use online banking services. But have you ever heard of the dangers of online banking? Everything is definitely good and bad. Let's see how Kak Lisa use online banking services safely!

Activity 1
Help Kak Lisa set up a password for her bank account.

Extra tips:


i. Don't use the same password you make for your social media account.


ii. Make sure not to use any of your personal information such as name, date of birth or your phone number.


iii. Use a combination of capital letter and small letter. Also include numbers. Your password should not be less than 6 digits.

Congratulations! Kak Lisa now have an online bank account!
Below are the things that Kak Lisa can now quickly do with ease.

Bill payment

Transferring money to parent in the village

transfer money to her savings account

Online shopping!

Help Kak Lisa to save money

Kak Lisa has two different bank accounts. This is to make it easier for Kak Lisa to save. Her main bank account is an account that will receive a monthly salary from her employer. To avoid unnecessary expenses, Kak Lisa will save 10% of her income in the 2nd account. Help her!