Play: House necessity

Read the text below then use the hangman activity to determine the needs at home.

Breakfast at home

In the morning, Hana's parents go to the kitchen to prepare breakfast sarapan di rumah.


Hana's parent will turn on the electric switch to light up the kitchen.


Hana's mother start preparing hot tea,


Hana's mother needed a supply of clean water, a tea bag and two spoons of sugar to prepare tea water.


Hana's dad prepare fried rice.


He needs cooking oil, white rice, a few slices of onion, chicken, vegetables and a pinch of salt. nasi putih, beberapa hiris bawang, ayam, sayur dan secubit garam.


Hana really like the tea and the fried rice.

Complete the hangman activity below. Think of the household needs used in Hana's home!

1) Fill in the blanks with the letters to the sentences that need to be guessed and click on the correct green mark. If your answer is correct, continue guessing the other letters.


2) Click on the light icon to get a clue to the sentence that needs to be guessed.