Fun (d) For Life Camp 2020

A Financial Literacy Camp

Fun (d) For Life Camp 2020: PPR Sg.Bonus , Kuala Lumpur

The 2020 Fun (d) For Life Camp was held from 25th - 27th of September 2020

Video Produced by the Participants

In addition to financial management skills, one other learning outcome in the Fun (d) for Life camp is to hone participants' impactful storytelling skills.


In less than 24 hours, participants were paired with several young and talented videographers to create and present impactful stories related to financial management and takaful awareness through their perspectives. Check out their videos!

Fun (d) For Life Virtual Camp

The Fun (d) For Life in 2020 camp was held virtually (online) throughout September 2020.

Maklumat Kem Virtual Fun(d) For Life 2020

Pre- camp

60 students were selected to advance to an interactive online digital simulation camp for 4 weeks. The selected participants were introduced to fundamental concepts of financial literacy and importance of risk management through Takaful.

Simulation Camp

Students experienced life milestones and the opportunity to make financial decisions in the form of game created with Classcraft.

The Results

Students shared what they’ve learnt on financial literacy and risk management through a digital application, Thunkable, which they built themselves.

What did our online virtual camp participants learnt?

How to manage their finances well

How to improve their financial risk management

How to make better financial decisions 

Membina app yang berfungsi

What do you need ?

Smart Phone


Access to Internet

Strong desire to change your future!

Interested in running this program at your school in the future?