Parents 16 - 18 years old


Eliminate guilt in yourself if you are not able to give your child all they want.

See your financial constraints as an opportunity for them to improve their financial situation in a creative way.

Main skills

that need to be cultivated at this age


Comfortable and proficient in using different financial instruments.


Understand the concepts of debt and credit management.


Be sure to manage your own expenses and do not overspend.

Simple activities


Demonstrate a secure online payment method

Share the security measures that need to be taken, especially from the aspect of protection of personal information and so on.


Explain the concept of debt

Explain the concept of loans, interest rates charged by banks (for example if they want to buy a motorbike or car) as well as important debt habits, such as making timely payments.

Also share stories about bodies that offer illegal financial loans such as "Ah Long." Ah Long.


Teach monthly allowance management

Share how to manage monthly allowances based on different categories such as room rent, food and so on.

The goal is for them to be prepared with financial management skills when continuing their studies or working later.

Have extra time?


Explain the differences between different financial instruments such as credit cards, debit cards & e-wallets

Share the different situations where you usually uses credit card, debit card or e-wallet.

Refer to the “Different Payment Methods” guide in the Fun (d) for Life Portal (Student Category> 16-18 years) to discuss different financial instruments.


Discuss about the gimics of market and selling

Discuss some of the reasons why companies make sales gimmicks such as "Merdeka Sales", "Sales 9.9", "Buy 1 Free 1" and so on.

This discussion may help your children make better judgement towards these occasional promotional sales.


Share the story of the icons who are now successful despite starting a difficult life

Help them to recognize the icons that see family financial constraints as motivation to improve their own lives.


Share the latest fraud cases

Discuss the news of online fraud that Malaysians have experienced.

You can also share the article "Scams in the Banking World" on the Fun Portal (d) for Life (Student Category> 16-18 years) with your child.


Explain the importance of savings for emergencies

Explain how to protect yourself from unexpected situations.

Share about precautions that you yourself practice or need to practice such as having emergency savings or insurance or takaful coverage.

Watch the Instagram video "Introduction to Takaful" hosted by famous comedian, Zizan Razak on Portal Fun (d) for Life (Student Category> 16-18 years).


Cultivate the nature of always wanting to add financial knowledge & improve yourself

Instill in your child the nature of wanting to add financial knowledge and improve your own situation regardless of age.

For example, encourage them to get the latest useful financial information either through magazines, comics or videos as found in the Fun Portal (d) for Life!