Parents 13 -15 years old


Peer influence is very strong at this age.

Now, they not only want to hear your advice, but they also need to feel like their wishes and opinions are also heard by you.

Main skills

that need to be cultivated at this age


Recognise the importance of financial education and good financial habits for their own future.


Start a savings fund for long -term goals.


Starting different fund categories for different needs.

Simple activities


Share bad financial habits

Share a story of bad financial habits (e.g., families who lost their homes due to lack of emergency savings) and use it as an example.

Discuss together on ways to prevent the same thing from happening to your family members.


Discuss on long term financial goal

Help them to set and plan long-term financial goals.

Share how you plan your long-term financial goals (for example, school fees that need to be provided a few months before school starts).


Diversify categories of savings

Share different categories of your savings (for example, cars, houses, bills, food) so that your child will also start diversifying their savings categories for different needs.

Have extra time?


Share about successful icons

Discuss the habits of financially successful icons.

Encourage your child to practice the same habits, including being willing to work hard, not being afraid to fail and always wanting to improve themselves.


Encourage your child to start earning their own income

Encourage your child to start earning their own income through small business.

One example is by selling cake to family contacts or do so online.


Share unexpected situations

Help them understand the priorities of needs such as savings for emergencies as opposed to needs such as brand new shoes due to the influence of friends.

Read the article "Unexpected Situation" on the Fun (d) for Life Portal (Student Category> 13-15 years) to help them be better prepared for unexpected situations.


Share the function of insurance and takaful

Share about insurance and takaful coverage that can help you in times of unexpected situations.


Encourage to start a "sharing" fund

Donating to anyone in need like either an orphan or an animal care association is a noble habit.

The determination to achieve challenging goals is stronger if your child has the intention to improve the lives of others.


Take them to expensive urban areas as motivation

Once in a while, take your child to a more exclusive or expensive municipal area. This can give them motivation to start good financial habits for a better quality of life in the future.