"Kecil-Kecil, Celik Duit" merupakan sebuah siri video yang bertujuan membina generasi celik kewangan.

Ia dihoskan oleh Zara yang berusia 10 tahun. Antara topik-topik yang akan dipelajari melalui siri ini termasuklah:

Konsep Duit, Bajet, Pelaburan, Perlindungan Duit dari Scammers, Macam mana nak dapatkan duit yang banyak dan macam-macam lagi!

Episode 1:
Money oh Money - what is money and why do we need it?

Since we were little, we started seeing our parents and adults around us exchange notes or coins to buy something. Why is money so important? Let's get to know money better so we can "be friends" with money! 


Tapi, kenapa duit tu penting sangat? Jom kita kenali duit dengan lebih mendalam supaya kita boleh ‘berkawan rapat’ dengan duit!


Among the questions that will be answered in this episode are: 

What is Money? 

Why do we need to always have money?

What are some of the things we can use money on? 

What are some important tips on money? 

Episode 2:
What is a budget and why we need it?

Kalau sebut perkataan ‘bajet’ ni, kita selalu dengar.. “Alamak, tak cukup bajet la bro!”


Mak Zara pun kata bajet tu penting untuk sesiapa sahaja yang sayangkan duit mereka. Ha, siapa tak sayang duit?


But, what is a budget?


Among the questions that will be answered in this episode are:
1. What is budget?
2. Why do we need to use the budget? What happens to people who do not use or stick to a budget?
3. How do I start budgeting at a young age?
4. What are some tips to help us practice budgeting?

Episode 3:
How do We become Rich?

Who doesn't want to know the golden question: how to be rich, right? Well if we want to be rich, then it's must for us to have a lot of money, right?


But.. How do we make money?


Some of the questions that will be answered by Zara's guest in Episode 3, Kak Iza Sallehuddin, co-founder of Baked KL are:


1. How much money do we need to be 'rich'?
2. What are the sources for money?
3. How do I start my own business ?
4. What are some tips for youths who want to start our own business?

Episode 4:
Financial Terms & Tools

There's 101 financial terms & tools these days, leaving Zara scratching her head trying to figure out what each one means. There's savings accounts, bank loans, credit cards & e-wallets., and many more terms she frequently comes across but has no ideas what it all means.


Among the questions that will be answered in the fourth episode are:


1. What are some of the latest financial terms and tools out there?

2. What is the meaning, benefits and risks of savings accounts, bank loans, Credit Cards and e-wallets?

3. Tips in navigating 1001 term terms and financial equipment in this day and age.


Thanks to Zara's guest of the week, Aunty Aiza Azreen Ahmad who is also the CEO of Pertama Digital.

Episode 5:
Managing Financial Risks & What is Takaful?

Apparently, many do not know what financial risk means. 


Whereas a person who is financially literate is someone who doesn't only understand financial concepts but should also be someone who knows and is prepared to face financial risks. 


Talk about living life on the edge! 


One of the many questions that will be answered in Episode 5 with Zara's guest this week, Uncle Najib, Chief Strategy & Digital Distribution Officer of FWD Takaful are:


1. What are some common financial risks? 

2. What can we do to protect ourselves from these risks? 

3. What is Takaful?

Episode 6:
What is the meaning of investment and Investment Tips for Young Ones

Zara has learnt so many key financial concept including the concept of money, budgeting, how to earn money, financial tools and terms as well as managing financial risks with Takaful.

This is the moment for Zara to learn yet another important financial concept - Investment!

But, is investment only for adults?

One of the many question that shall be answered in this episode with Zara's guest host, Wong Mei Hwa, Corporate Strategy of FWD Takaful are:

1. What is the meaning of Investment and what are some examples of it?
2. What are the benefits of investing?
3. What is the difference between savings and investing?
4. When can we start investing?
5. What are some investing tips for youths?

Korang ada persoalan lain mengenai duit yang korang nak Zara tanyakan kepada pakar?

Share those questions about money here!