Fun(d) for Life in conjunction with
Global Money Week

The Fun(d) for Life programme will be taking part in the Global Money Week', which will be taking place between 22nd - 28th March 2021.


Global Money Week is a campaign celebrated worldwide with the aim of improving the financial literacy awareness and skills of youths around the world.


It is organised by OECD International Network on Financial Education and all initiatives in celebration of the Global Money Week held in Malaysia is coordinated by the Financial Education Network (FEN), co-chaired by the Central Bank of Malaysia & the Securities Commission. 

For 7-18 year olds:

Financial Literacy Quiz

Answer questions based on the video series on money for youths, 'Kecil-Kecil, Celik Duit' and stand a chance to win cash prizes of up to RM500.

For 13-16 year olds:

Fun(d) for Life Challenge

Learn how to build a mobile phone app to help users access financial services including Takaful. Cash prizes of up to RM1,800 awaits the best apps!

For parents:

'Financially-Smart Families' Campaign

Learn some tips from us on how to raise financially-smart families and then share your favourite tips. The best sharing will win RM500 cash prize. 

For teachers: 

Class Demo on Financial Literacy Lessons

Watch a live demonstration of how financial literacy can be integrated into the classroom. 40 lucky teachers stand a chance to win mini-studio equipments.



Class Demo on Financial Literacy Lessons

CK Lesson 1: Money & Resources - 22 March (Monday), 3.00PM-4.00PM

CK Lesson 2: Financial Scams 

23 March (Tuesday), 3PM

CK Lesson 4: Savings & Investments

24 March (Wednesday), 3PM

CK Lesson 5: Credit & Debt

25 March (Thursday), 3PM

CK Lesson 6: Risks & Protection

26 March (Friday), 3PM

Watch the Closing Ceremony of Fun(d) for Life activities for Global Money Week 

Sunday, 28th March, 11am - 12pm LIVE right here

Kak Lisa from Fun(d) for Life will be sharing highlights of the week and she will also be speaking with Zara, the host of 'Kecil-Kecil, Celik Duit', teachers and parents LIVE.


She will also be casually chatting with 4 teens from 4 countries on the topic of money. 

Afterall, it is the GLOBAL Money Week, right?


Winners for ALL activities held throughout the Global Money Week will also be announced during the live show.


Get ready with your popcorn, invite your friends along, say hi to other participants of Global Money Week in the chat box and let's enjoy the show together!

Our biggest thank you goes to FWD Takaful Financial Education Network (FEN) Bank Negara Malaysia Suruhanjaya Sekuriti Malaysia Agensi Kaunseling & Pengurusan Kredit (AKPK) Jabatan Pendidikan Negeri Perlis Media for your amazing support towards all Fun(d) for Life activities held throughout Global Money Week 2021!