Fun (d) For Life Camp 2019

A Financial Literacy Camp

The Fun (d) for Life camp was held for the first time in 2019 in Perlis & Kuala Lumpur

Learning Result FFl Camp 2019 : Digital Application

In addition to sharing with the students about fundamental concepts of financial literacy through our educational simulation game, another learning outcome in the Fun (d) for Life camp is to develop the creativity among participants by tasking them with designing and programming their own digital applications. Among the problem statements given to students as they developed a digital application are:

How can we help the community to manage finances and also ensure that allocations are provided in times of emergency?


How can we help the community get Takaful protection easily?


How can we build awareness on Takaful Protection?

Here are some of the digital applications developed by the students within 2 days at the camp:

Takaful Malaysia

This application aims to provide information about takaful packages that are currently in the market. This application has interesting features such as an information site, an interactive quiz and even links to takaful packages that are suitable for you.

Easy Takaful

This application aims to facilitate the takaful purchase process by displaying important information. Users can use the ‘map agent’ feature to find the takaful agent closest to you as well as suitable takaful packages.

FWD Puzzle

This application aims to attract users to learn more about takaful protection through interactive games built. Users can solve jigsaw-puzzles and mind challenging word search in their quest to learn more about takaful protection.

Takaful Quiz

This application is an application that challenges your knowledge of Takaful protection. This application aims to teach users about takaful through the quizzes provided before they choose the appropriate package.

Interested in running this program at your school in the future?