Financial Innovation Competition

Fun(d) for Life 2021

What does it mean to be financially "free" and how do I get there?


Students will be taught to master money management skills, and will be given the chance to solve money-related problems and communicate effectively as a team.


Students will be exposed to methods and mindsets in anticipating and managing risks as well as prepare themselves in the effort to ensuring a bright future for themselves.


Students will be given the opportunity to network and learn from financial experts, and also share their knowledge with other students nationwide as they learn to empathise with members of the community.

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Competition Outcomes

The objective of the competition is to teach and empower students to build a good relationship with money, and to challenge students' creativity and innovation as they plan for their finances in the pursuit of achieving their dreams. 

My Money Personality and

My Life Goals

Everyone has their own money personality, such as their spending and saving habits, and this will serve as a guide in determining the overall strategy to achieve your goals.

An Effective Budget

Budgeting is a simple and effective method to ensure you know where your money is going and what to do when you realise you have been overspending.

The Right Protection Plan

There are many financial protection tools out there and the key is to know which one is the right one for you.


As the saying goes, "It's better to be safe than sorry". Choosing the right protection plan is an important step to ensuring financial freedom is within our reach! 

A Comprehensive Financial Plan

Combining all the components above, a comprehensive financial plan to achieve your goals will be produced, and it will be complemented with an innovative strategy to ensure you stick to your plan! 

Student Application Journey

16 August Preliminary Round
9 September Preliminary Round
15 September Preliminary Round
17 September - 16 October Final Round
23 October Final Round

Program Schedule

The following calendar shows the schedule for the entirety of the program. Do take note of the important dates.

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Certificate of Achievement for School with Highest Student Participation

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Scoring Rubric


Student Journey


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The Fun(d) for Life Financial Innovation Competition is a camp experience and a competition that will run over the course of 5 weeks, throughout September and October. 


Through this program, we aim to teach and challenge youths to think critically about planning their finances for their future.

This competition is open to Form 3 and Form 4 students who are interested and excited to learn more about money and money management. Students can enter as individuals or as a team. Individual entries will be randomly grouped together to form a team for the final round.

Click here to see the Student Journey.

This competition will be bilingual, such that the qualifying quiz, online workshops and project work materials will be provided in 2 languages; English and Bahasa Malaysia.

The Fun(d) for Life Financial Innovation Competition is organised by FWD Takaful with support from Arus Academy and the Kalsom Movement.

By participating in this competition, students will:

  1. Understand their own money personalities.
  2. Be exposed to all kinds of financial instruments that are available in Malaysia.
  3. Be given the opportunity to share their creatively personal money management strategies.
  4. Be challenged to think of strategies within a financial context.
  5. Be given mentoring support by a financial expert.
  6. Get a chance to obtain a Certificate of Achievement.
  7. Get a chance to win prizes worth RM10,000!

To qualify for the final round, students must score 80 points by registering your team or yourself, answer the qualifying quiz, and produce 1 video either as an individual or as a team, depending on your registration.

Students or teams who are among the top scorers will be invited to participate in the final round of the competition.

Students can refer to the marking rubric for more information.

Yes! Top 3 teams will stand a chance to win prizes worth RM5,000, RM3,000, and RM2,000 respectively!

The important dates of the competition are as shown in the calendar below.


This competition will be run using 3 applications:

1. Zoom

2. Canvas LMS

3. Google Forms

The outcomes of this competition will focus on the following, but are not limited to:

1. Setting of SMART goals.

2. A budget that is based on one's personal spending.

3. A suitable protection plan that is based on one's circumstances.

4. A comprehensive financial plan, including a mindset strategy to stick to the plan.

You can contact Nalissa Asri via email at or by phone at 012 203 6005.

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