Parents: 10-12 Years old


Incorporate financial education into daily activities.

You yourself need to show good financial habits.

Your child will begin to follow what you do, not just what you say.

Main skills

that need to be cultivated at this age


Confident when making payments with cash.


Start a savings fund for medium-term goals.


Appreciate the value of money and effort required to earn an income.

Simple activities


Give your child a chance to make a payment at the store

Help them to calculate the exact amount of payment and balance.

Then, encourage them to make payments for their own goods and food.


Prepare 2 transparent jar as a piggy bank

Dedicate those jars for savings for long term item (in example: bicycle) and spending savings for small items (such as: snacks or stationery that they lose at school).


Share good financial habit

Discuss how we do not necessarily have to buy during promotional sales such as Sales 10.10 and 11.11.

Explain how the more money we spend, the more time and energy we need to spend working.

Have extra time?


Invite them to join you in doing business at the bank

Explain the importance of keeping money safely in the bank.

Help them open their own savings account and start saving their savings.


Learn how to make price comparison

Compare prices and features of the same item but different brands or compare price differences at two different stores for the same item.

Use the "Supermarket Items List" Activity on the Fun (d) for Life Portal (Student Category> 10-12 years) as inspiration.


Play a game with a financial concept

Use your free time to play financial based games like Jutaria and Monopoly to cultivate an understanding of financial management.


Strengthen your child's life skills

Empowering your child's life skills such as cooking, drawing, sewing and so on can help generate income later.


Practice healthy lifestyle

An unhealthy lifestyle can have a huge negative impact on our family's financial state.

Chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, etc require long-term treatment as possible high cost.